My name is Ingrid Hansen and I came to meditation years ago through a deep 

desire to create a  life that was filled with love, joy and peace.  I have used meditation 

as a tool to help me get  through various events in my life, as well as to create time 

that allows me to reconnect with my inner voice and remember what is important.  

Meditation is a daily practice for me and because it brings me such wonder 

I want to share it with anyone and everyone that wants  to learn how to 

create a life for themselves that doesn't have to be hard.


Reduces anxiety, overreacting and impulsive actions

Reduces loneliness, depression and stress

Increases self esteem, self acceptance and connection

Increases resilience, optimism and mood


Reduces fatigue and burnout

Increases energy levels and immune system

Stabilises blood pressure, heart rate and breath

Improves chronic or acute pain


Reduces worry, overthinking and stress

Increases focus, clarity and memory retention

Increases creativity and the ability to think broadly

Improves decision making, problem solving and confidence

What our customers are saying

I first met Ingrid when I went to her for Reiki. It was after this experience that Ingrid suggested that the best thing for me to deal with stress (among other things) was to introduce meditation into my life which is something I thought about doing but really didn’t know where to start. She offered me private meditation coaching in my home over 5 weeks. Ingrid’s teaching & guidance has changed my life for the better. I am now finding the time to meditate daily and the results so far have been amazing. Thank you so much have definitely made a huge difference to my life.

Claire Teuber

What our customers are saying

I don't think there's any person on this Earth right now that I'd rather put my training wheels on again than with you